The Sursy is an experiential design and development group based in Denver, Colorado. We’re obsessed with innovation in real estate and interiors, and our mission is to create spaces and destinations that bring locals and travelers together and support neighborhood artists, makers, and brands.

We have an eye for design, a mind for strategy, a heart for people, and an eternal hunger for creativity, a combination that has led us to create a new way to stay, shop, and experience. 

Work with us. Stay with us.

Shop small. Love local. 


The Sursy


Our multidisciplinary interior design studio and creative consultancy. We offer residential and commercial design services and a suite of brand strategy and marketing consulting services.


We are maximalists who believe that less is bore. We believe that creative expression doesn’t have to be confined to one bucket of services, so we do it all! We are interior designers, stylists, and decorators. We are brand strategists, marketing gurus, and storytellers. We are retail shop owners, vintage lovers, and thrifters. We are hospitality developers, renovators, and innovators.

The Sursy


Our portfolio of shoppable Airbnbs are filled with eclectic thrifted finds and artisan furnishings made by local makers. Everything from the art to the furniture to the literal paint on the walls is for sale, creating a shoppable experience for travelers to #shopthestay.


SURSY [Sir-See]:

A small trinket brought back after a trip or venture as an unexpected gift.

The Sursy


Our home decor and lifestyle shop, where you can browse what’s for sale in the shoppable spaces we design, and buy the curated goods made by local creatives we love.

The Sursy


Our commercial development team, currently building a ‘Shoppable Motel and Experience Destination’ aimed at bringing locals and travelers together and supporting local makers, set to debut in 2021.


From artist + makers interviews to business updates + op-eds, this feature series highlights our favorite locals + local destinations!

SURSY SERIES 006 | Diana Skellenger

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Diana is the founder of Skelly Home Renovations, a full-service residential and commercial renovation firm, and Tinkins, a company she recently co-founded with her husband, Sean, that operates a feet of glammed out RVs available to rent in the Austin area.

SURSY SERIES 005 | Amy Gragnaloti

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Amy Gragnolati is a Clinical Pharmacist and impassioned entrepreneur who is also the Co-Founder and COO of LONA, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco that invests in and supports women’s economic empowerment.

SURSY SERIES 004 | Meçlâ Kaplan

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Meçlâ Kaplan is the founder of Sl0., a food, fashion, and lifestyle brand based in Denver, CO focused on supporting a holistic approach to living.