The Bed by Thuma

Thuma makes beds for modern living rooted in a love for lounge & leisure, an appreciation for thoughtful craftsmanship, and a few, strongly-held beliefs. Thuma believes that simplicity is the truest form of sophistication, that quality time enjoyed at home is the ultimate luxury, and that the best times happen in the bedroom.

  • Perfect, easy set-up platform bed.
  • Delivered right to your door.
  • Modern Design + Convenience.
  • Functional luxury.

Thuma is a San Francisco based startup that makes lifestyle-enhancing pieces for the bedroom. Starting with the foundation, Thuma focused on a minimalist, thoughtful, platform bed frame, made from real, simple, eco-friendly materials. Globally inspired, The Bed is designed to solve the biggest problems in the bedroom. It ships free in three boxes sized to fit through hallways and around corners and can be assembled (and disassembled) in five-ish minutes, no tools or team needed.


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