Mud Cloth Coaster Set


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Mud Cloth is a popular fabric among minimal design lovers + the culturally inspired alike because of its striking patterns and rich artisan history.

  • Set of 4
  • 4″ x 4″
  • Mud cloth, linen backing, lined with batting for stability.

Because this is a handcrafted item, pattern placement will vary slightly. Comes in assorted colors/patterns.

Anitra Terrell is the owner and designer behind Reflektion Design: an afro modern lifestyle brand for the culturally inspired based out of Pasadena, California.

The passion for her business first sparked in 2006 in West Africa, when Anitra was selected as a Fulbright Scholar and spent eight weeks in Ghana. Immersed in the culture, she learned the process of creating various African textiles and experienced the sights, sounds, and wares of the African marketplace.

In 2013 Anitra officially launched Reflektion Design in an effort to share her passion for African textiles and cultures with others. Using a curated approach to sourcing textiles and a discerning eye for pattern, Reflection Design’s decor and accessories help to create a home that feels collected not decorated.

Dimensions4 × 4 in

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