This 36” round, mixed media on wood panel was created in Charleston, SC by Denver, CO based artist, Meredith Steele, as a part of a unique series called ‘A COLLECTION OF HER.’

The series focuses on the relationship between woman, textiles, and texture and is made entirely from collected, found, and repurposed materials used to bring the woman to life.

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Meredith Steele is a Denver based visual artist who thrives on exploring new methods and experimenting with unusual materials. She studied oil painting at The College of Charleston and continued to pursue a career as an oil painter before experimenting with mixed media. Today, Meredith incorporates countless and unusual materials to tap into new and interesting rhythms with her work. On any given piece you will find pencil, pen, paint, fabric, buttons, metal, wire, paintbrushes, rubber, and more. All the different patterns, textures, and mediums create an individual personality for every boldly feminine piece.

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Dimensions 36 in