Great Jones Family Style Set


Le Creuset, who?!

Pare down clutter in your kitchen and focus on the pieces you actually need to cook at home. Spoiler: This curated cookware set will satisfy any craving.

  • The Duchess | Enameled cast-iron Dutch oven
  • Big Deal | For the times when you a) entertain or b) want leftovers.
  • Saucy | Curved sides make stirring and whisking a breeze.
  • Deep Cut | Custom hybrid between a deep sauté pan and a skillet.
  • Small Fry | Ceramic (not Teflon!) nonstick skillet.

Sierra and Maddy are childhood friends who first met at summer camp, before starting a company rooted in the belief of the power and pleasure of making food with your own hands… even if you’re just frying an egg. Both first-time entrepreneurs, Sierra previously worked as a food editor at New York Magazine and also hosted a show for CBS This Morning interviewing chefs; Maddy comes from the startup world, where she managed consumer insights for Warby Parker and was a product manager at Zola. The name Great Jones is a nod to Judith Jones, a cookbook author and editor who championed and published the work of Julia Child, Edna Lewis, James Beard, and many others. She died in 2017 at age 93. It’s also a reference to New York, where these female founders are proud to hail and build their business from. Read more at