Fellow Electric Kettle

Created by the coffee enthusiasts at San Francisco-based startup Fellow, this electric kettle is ideal for pour-over coffee brewing. It heats up water to your desired temperature, and can even maintain it for up to an hour so you can enjoy a second cup effortlessly. The precision spout and counterbalanced handle allows for a slow, steady pour while a built-in stopwatch lets you time your extraction—that means a better cup of coffee with every brew.

  • Variable temperature control, optional Acaia Bluetooth app connectivity.
  • Stunning, minimalist design.
  • Makes ridiculously good pour-over coffee.

Staying at The Sursy Lincoln Park and need some instructions? Here’s a ‘how to’ to make the perfect pour-over with the single-use, compostable pods by our friends at Queen City Coffee.

Owner Jake Miller caught the coffee bug at Caribou Coffee in the Midwest, and having always known he wanted to start a product company, he moved to the West Coast to get his MBA at Stanford. Fellow’s first product—the Duo Coffee Steeper, a stylish “gunk-free” twist on a classic French Press—was born as a class project at Stanford’s vaunted D-School, before Miller got its production budget funded on Kickstarter. With Duo in hand, Fellow was born. Hanna McPhee, a graduate of Brown/RISD who’d majored in bio-design, was the second employee and is the brand manager. The idea behind Fellow’s original line is to design products that are beautiful—and they are—but also functional, for both coffee novices and competitive baristas alike. Read more on sprudge.com.